Year 7 Science experiments!

Yr 7 combined imagination and artistic flair with Scientific research last half term.  They selected an individual cell from a plant or animal of their choice and found out about its function and structure.  After three weeks of preparation, they each gave a speech about their cell and revealed a 3-d model of it, indicating all the specialisations.  Even those isolating at home were able to participate and we all enjoyed some creative uses of household recycling (and in one case, scone mixture!).

Several pupils gained Headmaster’s commendations for their project, which was only possible if the model had been created with great attention to detail and the research was detailed and relevant.  This year saw an exceptionally high standard of models ranging from inventive uses of balloons and delicious tasting cakes.  What a tremendous achievement.

Below is the work of Anna B, Edward.

Catherine Lake-Johns

Head of Science


6 November 2020
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