Year 7 RSE: The importance of relationships

Year 7 has been considering relationships as part of their RSE lessons.

They drew spider diagrams of the important relationships in their lives, with arrows indicating the direction of who gains most from these relationships.

One person made the comment “when I began this, I thought I didn’t really have much support, but now I look at my diagram, I can see that I really am supported by a lot of people”. Another pupil commented “When I really THINK about it, my best friend gives me so much and I am really lucky to be supported by her”, along with another pupil who said, “I like supporting her, I don’t mind that she can’t do it back for me, she’s just my friend and she needs me”.

What thoughtful and mature conversations!

Here are some of the diagrams that pupils have given permission to share…

9 June 2021
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