Year 6 Rolling Back the Stone

On the morning of May 10th, Years 3 to 8 packed themselves into Kalendar Hall to witness the Year 6 production of Roll Back the Stone.

Roll Back the Stone retells the dramatic events of Easter story: from Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem and betrayal by Judas, to his gruelling crucifixion and resurrection three days later.

Year 6 put on an exceptional show, retelling several significant stories that marked Jesus’ ministry and time in Jerusalem. The musical interludes were energetically performed, and at one point, the whole audience were on their feet singing along! A team of narrators expertly directed the story as the cast performed the interlocking songs and scenes. Several of Jesus’ parables were skilfully retold by smaller acting troupes.

Congratulations must go to Year 6 on their tremendous success, Mrs Butler Evans for pulling it all together and Mr Fitzpatrick for accompanying on the Piano. The production was a delight to watch!

17 May 2019
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