Year 4 Scientific Skills in Action!

There is no better way to learn new information than to experience it and try it out for yourself. That is what we believe at ECS and that is what Year 4 have been doing in Science in their ‘States of Matter’ unit!

So far…

We have explored the three states of matter (solid, liquid and gas) and created our own models to explain the differences in the bonds between the particles in those states.

We have rummaged around our houses and school rooms to find different materials in order to place them into one of those categories.

We undertook an experiment to find out which solids would ‘dissolve’ into water and which were ‘insoluble’ – using prediction, fair testing, method, scientific diagrams and conclusion.

We have run a series of tests to find out the best ‘dilution’ of washing up liquid to water in order to create the best bubbles! We really suffered in the name of Science for that one! 😉 We made very careful measurements and then recorded detailed observations to draw our conclusions.

What skills and facts will we discover next?

Super work, Year 4! A huge thank you to parents and staff in school for facilitating this practical work!

12 June 2020
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