Year 4 Rainforest Rangers!

Year 4 earned their stripes as Rainforest Rangers in a workshop at the Eden Project on Monday.

We embarked on a quest of discovery through the Rainforest Biome that educated them in how the rainforest can be drawn upon to give them what they need to live.  Surrounded by expedition survival equipment, maps and plant samples, the Education Officer helped us in our preparation for this survival challenge. We underwent basic training through role play and careful examination of plant specimens to consider how they could be used.  By observing what grows in the Rainforest Biome, we identified plants for survival. We recorded this information in our Ranger notes. We were encouraged to think about how plants are adapted for life in the tropics, how they can be used for human survival and how indigenous people have adapted them for their own everyday use. We learned a lot on our trip about the plants in the rainforest, and why the rainforest is important for all of us.        

Rosemary Bewley

21 May 2019
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