Year 3 celebrate Diwali

Last weekend, Hindus and Sikhs all around the world celebrated Diwali, also known as The Festival of Lights.

If you heard fireworks in your neighbourhood, saw rows of candles, or houses or doors covered in lights, then you will have seen part of their celebrations. You may even have seen Rishi Sunak, on the news, putting candles out at Number 11, Downing Street.

Year 3 held their own celebration; complete with food, rangoli patterns on the floor, lights, Diwali cards and, of course, an image of the goddess Lakshmi. They made sure to give our ‘classroom home’ a thorough clean and tidy beforehand, too.

It was a celebration full of sharing, good humour and a deeper understanding of different faiths.

Mrs Porter

Head of Lower Years, Form Tutor 3P

20 November 2020
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