‘Year 3 and 4 in the Willows’ for World Book Day

Toad Hall has been taken over by the evil Weasels! Can Year 3 and 4 complete the challenges in the Wild Wood and the River Bank to fight them off and win Toad Hall back for the goodies? Badger set the woodland teams off on six activities:

  • travelling through the darkness Wild Wood (blindfolded!);
  • scaring off the Snarling Stoats by creating a monster;
  • creeping past Weasel HQ without making a noise by touching the floor;
  • composing a lullaby to sooth the Acrid Adders;
  • filling Grunting Geoffrey the pig with buns to sate his appetite.

The Year 3 teams completed all the challenges successfully! But Year 4 faced one more challenge:

Toad has stolen another car and can be heard in the distance shouting in happiness! Can the teams find all nine letters of a word, hidden around the River Bank, and unscramble them to finally fight off the Weasels! The answer is: Yes, of course we can!

Toad, Ratty, Badger and Mole crashed the car through the front door of Toad Hall and the Weasels ran for their lives!

Hurrah! It’s time for a rewarding feast for all the woodland teams!

Rosemary Bewley
Year 4

6 March 2020
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