Year 3 and 4 Enrichment Activity

On Tuesday 2nd May the Creative Arts Department from Queen’s Taunton School spent the day with Years 3 and 4. Using our wonderful Chapter House space and Kalendar Hall, the children were encouraged to draw an imaginary circle around themselves, their own “bubble” in which to experiment with all sorts of different sounds and use of body-language in order to tell a story. The bubble enabled them to be more adventurous and helped to make them feel less inhibited by those around them. Communicating via “gooble-de-gook” and “gibberish”, accompanied by wild hand gestures and expressive faces, it is amazing how a story can be conveyed! All of the pupils were soon engrossed in the challenges.

The bar was set high; to perform “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from “Annie” by the end of each session. To this end, the singing was tackled first. Fortunately many of them already knew most of the lyrics, but those who didn’t soon learned from the fast-paced and excellent voice coaching. Next, the movement, led by a Year 9 Queen’s Taunton dancer, Ivy, was embarked upon. She transmitted her energy and enthusiasm to all the children. Soon girls and boys joined in with vigorous floor scrubbing movements, tricky turns and angry foot stamping.

Not to be upstaged, there was some time for self-reflection, led by their Chaplain and even a magic trick. What an experience! We all thoroughly enjoyed this enrichment activity.

Mrs Reddington and Mrs Butler Evans

4 May 2018
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