Year 1 Visit to Exeter Mosque

On Thursday, Year 1 visited Exeter Mosque. We’ve been learning lots about the religion called Islam, so it was very exciting to visit a real mosque, talk to the Imam (the leader) and watch Muslims pray their special prayers to Allah (God).  All the children were so well behaved, and asked some really interesting questions, such as where do the women pray? What is the Qur’an? How do you complete the Wudu (ritual washing) prior to prayers? We had a tour of the Mosque, sat in the beautiful prayer to watch prayer time, and then had a question and answer session with the Imam. It was great to experience a different place of worship, and to see the things which we had learnt about, there in real life! Thank you to all our adults for taking us on such a great trip!

Mrs Fitzpatrick
Year 1FM Teacher

8 February 2018
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