Year 1 Captured the Castle!

Year 1 immersed themselves in turrets, towers and ramparts at Compton Castle for the day on 3rd May!

We were met by ‘Lady Katherine’, in full Tudor costume, who gave us a lively talk in the chapel. Then we explored and learned about the Great Hall, kitchen and chapel, picnicking in the castle’s orchard. After lunch we became history detectives on an ‘I Spy’ hunt for castle features. Why was the well inside the castle walls? Why was the kitchen in a separate building? Why did castles have spiral staircases?

Finally, what could be a more appropriate finale than a big historical dressing up session! Thank you to the staff and volunteers at the castle for such a welcoming day. What a fantastic start to our topic!

Rosemary Bewley
Year 1 Teacher

4 May 2018
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