Winnie the Pooh’s ‘Hunny’ Hunt! World Book Day

Winnie the Pooh has lost his ‘hunny’!  To get it back, all of the Lower Years pupils took part in a big ‘Hunny Challenge!’ over the morning.  In teams, children had to complete four different challenges, showing excellent teamwork and imagination, in order to succeed in helping Pooh:

It is Piglet’s birthday today and no one has remembered.  Challenge 1 – create a birthday song or poem to perform as a present for Piglet!

Pooh has been out hunting a heffalump, but with no success.  Challenge 2 – make a heffalump, using any of the items provided, so that Pooh can finally find out what they look like!

Poor Eeyore has lost his tail again – he is very depressed about it.  Challenge 3 – can you help Eeyore to find his tail and reattach it, but blindfolded?

Tigger has been extra bouncy today because of the windy weather.  He has knocked over the bee hive and all the bees have left.  Challenge 4 – how man bees can you catch and return to their hive, so that they can make some more honey for Pooh?

The children loved meeting the challenges and showed super teamwork and creativity in the different tasks.  Piglet had the most wonderful birthday, with a wide range of lively birthday songs; Pooh finally found out what heffalumps look like, and has now seen a wide variety of the species; Eeyore has been thoroughly reunited with his tail, though not always in quite the correct location; the bees are happily humming away in the hive again after being returned very effectively to their hive home!   Pooh was so delighted that he was reunited with his ‘hunny’ that he shared it with all of the children, leaving everyone munching happily on a well-deserved prize.

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our adventures in Hundred Acre Wood.

Rosemary Bewley

8 March 2019
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