Wet Weather Games

We did not let the weather dampen our spirits this week. The pupils faced challenges head on, and were as enthusiastic as ever.

The focus in PE was on ‘accuracy’ while in FMS the pupil’s were aiming to improve their catching skills. We had foam javelins being throw around Hall House playground, pretending they were rockets flying into space. We had lots of variations of passing the ball to each other, bounce, over head, underarm, chest passing. There were also obstacle courses made out of cones, spots, hurdles and hoops, and also a little bit of ‘fitness bingo’ going on! All in all, another fab week of PE and FMS.

In Games lessons, Girls’ Cricket is really taking off, the rules are becoming second nature and technique is improving each week. The boys are enjoying alternating cricket with rugby and I think secretly enjoying getting a little muddy too!!

Thank you for another great week, have a lovely weekend.


2 October 2020
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