Welcoming back our excited boarders!

It was a pleasure to welcome the boarders back to the Boarding House this week after the Christmas break. All were very excited to be back and enjoyed spending time together.


🙌 Adventure Saturdays

Tomorrow (Saturday 8 January) is our first Adventure Saturday of the term and the children are going for a walk around town in the morning and are playing bowling in the afternoon. What an exciting day! Next Saturday, the plan is to Clip n Climb in Exeter for a climbing session.

On Thursday we celebrated Margot CM’s birthday (Year 7) who just turned 12. Thank you to our amazing catering team for making such a beautiful and delicious cake for the occasion. Happy Birthday Margot!


⭐️ Star Boarder

Our first Star Boarder this term is Margot CM (Year 7). This has nothing to do with the fact that Margot’s birthday was this week. It has to do with the fact that Margot is a loving, caring and hardworking boarder every single day of the year. Well done, Margot. Margot sets an example and high standards for the rest of the boarding community.


Have a great weekend everyone.

Cédric Baurance
Head of Languages and Head of Boarding

7 January 2022
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