Welcoming 3 new boarders!

What a pleasure to welcome our lovely boarders back this week for the second half of the Lent Term.

This week, we also had the pleasure of welcoming three new weekly children to the boarding house. Welcome to the family Richter, Hesse and Bogart! It is great to have you.

Just before half term, and as part of the Feeding Communities project, our boarders, along with our wonderful catering team, worked together to make hundreds of peach crumbles for the people in need. Well done boarders!

This week, one of the activities for the boarders was decorating gingerbread men. Some decided to take an artistic approach whilst others decided to figure out how many jellybeans and sweets they could fit on to the same gingerbread man. No matter the approach, they were all delicious and we had a great time.

Our Star Boarder this week is Ellenna. Ellenna has had yet another fantastic week in the boarding house, setting an excellent example for all the other boarders, old and new. Well done, Ellenna.

Mr Baurance
Head of Boarding

4 March 2022
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