Welcome to the Trinity term from the Pre-prep

Pupils in the Pre-prep have got off to a flying start embracing their new topics with interest and excitement. Here are a few of the things that we are looking forward to this term:

The nursery children will be learning many nursery rhymes and singing their way through the first half term.  They will then be heading to the beach and exploring life beneath the waves, on top of the waves and in the rock pools. Buckets and spades, summer clothes, ice-creams and picnics will all play a part in our learning. What fun!

Through the topic of How does your garden grow? the Reception classes are looking forward to planting and growing activities, designing their own gardens and discovering the Impressionist painters, Monet and Van Gogh.  They are looking forward to a day in the woods at A Touch of the Wild as well as a visit to the National Marine Aquarium when they begin to Sail the Seven Seas after half term.

Year 1 are looking forward to exploring Compton Castle and learning more about medieval castles. We look forward to finding out about traditional tales and writing our own. We are excited about sharing what we have learnt with our parents during our medieval day.

In Year 2 this term we are looking forward to experiencing the magic of a free-flying barn owl in our classroom and learning all about animals near and far during our visit to Paignton Zoo.

Mrs Liz Bowles
Head of Pre-Prep

19 April 2018
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