Weekly Blog: The Choristers Return

After what Canon Mustard says was the longest interruption to Cathedral sung services since Oliver Cromwell, it has been brilliant to get the choristers back singing over the last few weeks.

Over the summer, studies have been carried out nationally to provide a framework of a way for church and cathedral choirs to be able to return safely, so after a lot of hard work turning these guidelines into something workable for us, the choristers returned to rehearsal on 21st and sung services two weeks later.  They have of course entered the fray with great spirit and the singing is already remarked upon as excellent.

Visitors to the cathedral might imagine, when they see the new layout in the Nave, that we have a particularly large cathedral choir, but in fact they have been standing a long way away from each other. Rumours that some of the adult singers in the back row have bought telescopes to see the conductor were unfounded.  The choir’s return to duty was acknowledged with an ITV news report featuring some of our choristers.

Of course all the normal routines and milestones in the choir’s year have continued.  We have seven new probationers who have been learning the ropes, particularly difficult this year when they have to be at least 2 metres away from their seniors, whose job is to help them find their way, and they have done admirably.  Also our Year 8 senior choristers were invested with their medals at Evensong in the first week, and have grown into their new responsibilities as leaders and setters of good example. Congratulations go to: Josie C, James M, Poppy M, Maria N, Sam R, Josh T, Archie T and Theo W.

Services are now back in a nearly normal routine, with weekday Evensongs on Monday and Friday (girls), Tuesday and Thursday (boys) and two services every Sunday (alternating between boys and girls). We are starting to look ahead to the Christmas programme and hope that we will be able to come together somehow during the festive period. Don’t forget to book your tickets (on the Cathedral website) to join the choristers at a service in the Cathedral!

Photos by Emma Solley Photography

9 October 2020
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