We love boarding!

Our Star Boarder this week is Ellenna C (Year 7). As I tried to explain to the boarders this morning before breakfast, there are many things they can do to be Star Boarder of the Week. There are the fundamentals like being well behaved, having good manners, being kind and polite, and do what they are supposed to do (prep, make their beds, tidy their dorms, etc.). And there are other little things that make a big difference, like having a positive attitude, looking after other people, doing their music practice and go to bed on time, making sure everyone feels included. This week, a vast majority of the boarders ticked all these boxes and could have been Star Boarders, so I said a big well done to them all. However, there was one boarder that stood out because she ticked all the above boxes, but she went above and beyond to make sure everyone was happy, including adults. Well done, Ellenna, you deserve it.

Doing prep is very important as part of children’s learning and in the Boarding House, we always encourage children to complete their homework to the best of their ability. We are very lucky to have a prep room in the Boarding House (Mr Kelly’s classroom, which he very kindly lets us use after School) allowing us to create a quiet and positive learning environment. Boarders have access to school computers, printers, and iPads if they need them and there is always an adult supervising and offering support.

During the week, we played a variety of different games but the boarders’ favourite when it is sunny outside is going to the park. And as they say it so well on their video: “WE LOVE BOARDING!”

See you all next week!

Mr Baurance

Boarding Housemaster

17 September 2021
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