Virgin Galactic in Year 1!

Who wants to go into space?  Year 1 welcomed Jon Goodwin for the morning to tell us that he is going to do just that!  He talked to us about his involvement with the Virgin Galactic Space Program and shared a host of fascinating models and pictures.  Mr Goodwin summarised his talk as follows:

I was one of the first people to sign up as a Founder Astronaut  with Virgin Galactic ( limited to 84 people from around the world) way back in September 2005.  

The Rocket Ship holds 6 people. Sometime soon, could be this year, the 84 names will be put in a hat to draw out the first 14 flights, as you can imagine everybody wants to be on the first flight ! 

 The talk will cover the two and a half hour journey into space.  

Going from nought to Mach 1. 700MPH in 8 seconds, to 70 miles high, going weightless, seeing the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space and achieving 6.5g on re- entry. 6.5 times one’s body weight.  Should be fun ! 

Fewer than 500 people worldwide have ever been into space.’ 


The children were full of questions and left brim-full with information and inspiration.  Many thanks to Mr Goodwin for coming to visit us!

Miss Bewley
Year 1 Teacher

28 March 2018
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