Unusual pets in the Boarding House!

⭐️ Star Boarders
With a majority of boys boarding this week, we decided to have two boys for our weekly Star Boarders. Milo S and Edward K, both in Year 7, have had a great week. Both boys love playing cricket on the playground and it was lovely to see both of them take the time to encourage and help others with their bowling and batting. Well done, boys.
🐛 Unusual pets
On Wednesday, Mark, from our catering team (Thomas Franks Ltd), brought his fascinating and unusual pets to school. The boarders enjoyed learning everything about these, about what they eat, where they come from and their life expectancy. A big thank-you to Mark for taking time outside his working hours to bring his pets to school.
🎭 Romeo & Juliette school production
Well done to all the Year 7 boarders who were involved in the school production of Romeo and Juliet on Thursday evening. It was a fantastic performance.
🌎 Time to reflect on current affairs
Every morning in the Boarding House, we take the time to sit down together and watch the news on TV. Some choose the read the newspaper instead. It is very important for all the boarders to keep informed about what is happening in the world.
Have a great weekend everyone!
Mr Baurance
Head of Boarding
24 June 2022
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