This Week’s Physical Activity

It’s been a week of tough work outs, target throwing, trying new skills and, of course, some questionable dancing on my part, but I think we have all had a very enjoyable week. I have been very impressed with the variety of activities going on outside of school. I’ve witnessed archery, open water swimming, trampolining, hockey, tennis, gymnastics – I could go on forever! Well done everyone on a great effort this week. I loved seeing the trick shots with the water bottles and I get the feeling you’re enjoying the dancing more than you thought. I know this because I saw the Year 6s practising their ‘Blinding lights’ dance for a Britain’s Got Talent’ show that they were playing at break time.

Thank you to my warm-up specialists in my live lessons; this week it was Ellie May and Gen S-J – great work girls! It isn’t easy teaching Physical Activity to a blank screen but all of you make it so much fun with your enthusiasm. You were even kind enough not to laugh when I jumped up from a burpee and hit my head on my living room light!

Always remember that exercise gives you energy and makes you feel better. Keep up the hard work and I can’t wait to see what you get up to over the weekend.

Stay safe,

Mrs Ross.

Emma Ross
Director of Sport
Year 5 Form Tutor

18 June 2020
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