This week in the Boarding House

Isaac W (6P) is this week’s Star Boarder. One might say it can be quite challenging to be awarded Star Boarder when you only board once a week because you have less time to show how good you are. Throughout the term, even though he only boards on Thursday night, Isaac has showed fantastic behaviour and has worked hard on his music practice. He also always leaves his dorm tidy. Well done Isaac.

This week James MC (8L) was extremely happy and proud to present the book that his mother and himself have been working on for months. Indeed, Tiggs and The Midnight Choir was published this week and James received an early copy of the book in which he drew all the pictures. James spent a few minutes each night reading a few pages of his book to all of us in the Common Room and we all enjoyed it very much. Well done James and his mother.

On Sunday and Monday the boarders not only decorated the Christmas tree in the Common Room but also their dorms. It was very messy but it looks very good. Some boarders have already put their Secret Santa present under the tree and it would be fantastic if all the presents could be there by the start of next week. On Tuesday, the girls designed an advent calendar and every morning before school we draw a name out of a hat to see who is going to receive today’s sweet.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mr Baurance

4 December 2020
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