This week in the Boarding House…

Edward K (Year 6) won the title of Star Boarder of the week this week in the Boarding House. Edward has had a great week overall and deserves to be commended for his effort to keep his dorm tidy, for his music practice and for his kind and positive behavior. Well done Edward!

On Tuesday night, boarders enjoyed a karaoke evening. Even though the plan was to have individual performances with each child choosing their favourite songs, it very quickly became a group karaoke where everyone, including members of staff, joined in and had really good fun. Well done everyone for taking part, it was a terrific evening. And judging by the feedback I received afterwards, karaoke nights could become something we do on a more regular basis.

On Thursday evening, all the boarders were reminded about the importance of looking after the equipment in the Boarding House and especially in the Games Room. It is with great pleasure that the Boarding Team surprised the boarders with a new piece of equipment that will keep them entertained for many, many hours: our new football table. Everyone was very excited about it and started playing straight away. I hope they train hard because I can see a table football tournament being organised sooner or later. Thank you very much to Mr Crocker’s team, and especially Mr Barnes, who helped me assemble the table this week. It was not an easy task but, considering the look on the children’s face when the secret was unveiled, it was definitely worth it.

Mr Baurance

Head of Boarding

20 November 2020
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