This week in the boarding house

What a pleasure it was to welcome our lovely boarders back to the Boarding House this week after a two week break.

For this first week of the second half of Michaelmas, our Star Boarder is Henry C (Year 6). Henry came back with a lot of motivation to do well in his violin exam and worked hard at it during morning and evening music practice sessions. His exam took place on Wednesday afternoon and I heard from Mr Roberts that Henry did really well. Well done Henry!


With winter on its way, it is getting darker and colder very early each day. For our boarders, unfortunately, it means that we cannot always play outside. This week, because the weather was dry, we managed to play a few games of “hit” on the playground and everyone got really competitive. Some also chose to stay inside and played board games or made the most of our games room.


All of our boarders are very committed to music practice and I must admit it is always a pleasure to wander around the Boarding House hearing such talented pupils playing a variety of instruments.


On Thursday  our first Boarding Council meeting took place with the newly appointed members of the council. The minutes are available for all boarders to read on the Common Room board.


Members of council’s Roles:

Boarders are actively encouraged to contribute views to the operation of boarding provision. They are able to raise concerns and make complaints, and their views are given appropriate weight in decisions about the running of the school. Boarders share their ideas with the council members who will then share them with Mr Baurance during Boarding Council Meetings.


Senior Boarders’ Roles:

On top of their role as members of the boarding council, Senior Boarders are allocated specific duties and responsibilities that are appropriate for them, with adequate staff supervision, training and measures to counter possible abuses of the role. One of their duties is to supervise boarders when using the Games Room.


The boarding team wishes you a happy weekend. Stay safe!


Mr Baurance

Head of Boarding



6 November 2020
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