This week in the Boarding House…

It has been a very busy last week of term for our boarders. This week has been filled with fun, tears of joy and happiness, chanting and cheering for the national football team, tears of sadness, packing…

On Tuesday, we celebrated the end of the school year with our now traditional leavers’ barbecue. The weather decided not to make it easy for us, but we made it through the evening with delicious food, amazing company, and hopefully long-lasting memories for all involved.


On Wednesday, we had to organise ourselves very carefully so that choristers could attend the Valedictory Evensong and say goodbye to Year 8 choristers who sand beautifully for us. Just after the service, it was the Year 6 play for some and pizza and football for others. Year 6 did a remarkable job performing their play outside. Once the performance was over, all the boarders gathered in the Boarding House hub to watch the rest of the match and celebrate together.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who work tirelessly in the Boarding House to look after our wonderful boarders in one way or another. Thank you to the catering team for feeding us each day, thank you to our wonderful cleaner, Sue, for looking after our Boarding House so well. Thank you to all the members of school staff who are involved in boarding duties at the weekend. Thank you to our remarkable team of gaps – Miss Pyman, Miss Smith and Mr Swain – for their hard work every single day. Thank you to Mr Featherstone and Mr Roberts for their much-appreciated help and support every week. And finally, last but not least, thank you to Ms Baxendale for everything she does in the Boarding House to make sure the children are safe, happy, comfortable and entertained. I could never do it without you all. Thank you!

We are saying farewell to Miss Smith, Mr Roberts and Mr Swain. On behalf of all the boarders, I wish you good luck for the future.

I hope you have a wonderful summer holiday. Have fun and be safe!

Mr Cédric Baurance

Head of Languages and Head of Boarding

8 July 2021
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