This week in the Boarding House

It’s been another very busy week for our lovely boarders this week.

This week’s Star Boarder is Ellenna C. (6B). She has had a terrific week including outstanding music practice, a very tidy dorm, good spirit and fantastic behaviour throughout the week. Well done Ellenna!

On Monday we welcomed a new addition to the Boarding House Common Room: a big blue fluffy rug. All our boarders were thrilled and excited to have a new comfortable space where to sit.

Throughout the week we played different games on the playground. On Tuesday night, for example, we played a big game of hide and seek in the dark and it was really fun.

As usual, boarders have been working really hard on their music practice. Some of them have important music exams coming up and we wish them good luck.

We wish you a wonderful weekend!


9 October 2020
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