This week in the Boarding House…

Another fun week for our boarding family…

This week, Margot CM (Year 6) is our Star Boarder. Margot is an example to follow for all boarders. Her kindness and good manners are reflected in every day little gestures such as holding doors until everybody has been through, helping clear the tables after breakfast and supper, helping gather the boarders in the Common Room before meals, etc. In addition to her kindness, Margot works hard at keeping her dorm tidy, never misses a music practice session, and consistently displays great behaviour and a positive attitude around the house. Margot brings joy and happiness to the boarding family on a daily basis and we are very lucky and grateful that she is with us every day. Well done Margot!


“Kindess” is an important word we use a lot in school and in the Boarding House. Kindness allows us to connect with other people and build meaningful relationships. It is a real pleasure to see boarders being kind to each other, to witness the respect and the support they show towards the members of their community. Here is a photo that speaks for itself: James MC, our Senior Boarder (Year 8) and talented musician, helping Antoine CM (Year 5) during his music practice on the piano.

The semi-finals of Boarders’ve Got Talent took place this week and the Boarding Team had to make a difficult decision as to which three candidates would make it through to the finals taking place on Monday 24th May in Kalendar Hall. All six semi-finalists performed exceptionally well and all of the judges were highly impressed.

The three candidates going to the finals are:


Monday 24th May will be a big celebration of our boarders’ talents. Even though our three finalists will be performing to win the contest, all boarders are invited to perform the number of their choice and entertain the audience.

As for our ping pong tournament, our first finalist is Edward K (Year 6). The other semi-final and the final will take place next week. Who is going to be the best ping pong player in the house? All bets are in!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Stay safe!


Mr Baurance

Head of Boarding

14 May 2021
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