This week in the Boarding House…

It’s been another fun week for our Boarding family!

The Star Boarder of the Week is Margot CM (Year 6). It was very difficult to pick a Star Boarder this week as they have all been absolutely fantastic. However, Margot stands out week in and week out because she is kind and thoughtful. She holds the door for everyone when we go to supper and breakfast, she helps clearing the tables without being prompted to do so, she looks after everyone and never fails to do music practice and keep her dorm tidy. Margot is a star and she deserves to be Star Boarder every day of the year. Well done Margot!


This week we are celebrating five birthdays. Even though we were only able to celebrate Edward’s birthday in the Boarding House this week, we nevertheless thought about our flexi boarders who are not able to be with us at the moment. Happy birthday Phoebe G (Year 7), Josh T (Year 8), Isaac W (Year 6) and Daisy (Year 8). We are all thinking of you and hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Next week is already the last week of term. On Friday 26th March, just like last term, we will not be able to leave the boarders’ belongings in the gym ready to be picked up, but we will make sure everything is ready in the Boarding House and the boarding team will be available to help the children bring everything to the car park.

Mr Baurance

Head of Languages and Head of Boarding

19 March 2021
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