The ECS Boarding Family

Antoine CM (Year 6) has had a fabulous week in the Boarding House. On Tuesday evening, during the music showcase, he played a beautiful piece on the piano. He had been practising every morning and every evening in the Boarding House to make sure he was ready. Antoine’s behaviour and attitude have been excellent this week. On Thursday evening, Antoine showed exactly what it means to be a boarder at ECS: we had a new young boarder, Jeremy (Year 4) who boarded for the first time. Antoine took him under his wing and showed him around and told him everything he needed to know about boarding. He looked after Jeremy and made sure he felt included and happy. When asked how his first night in the Boarding House on Friday morning, Jeremy said “10 out of 10!” Antoine is our Star Boarder this week. Well done!

The boarding family always pride themselves for being caring and loving, for helping and supporting each other. On Friday morning, I witnessed a scene that any Head of Boarding would love to witness; Jeremy (Year 4) was struggling to tie his tie without a mirror, so Milo (Year 7) helped him do it. Well done Milo.

On Thursday evening and Friday morning, we also said farewell to one of our gaps, Miss Pyman, who has been with us for longer than usual. All the children were very sad but, instead of looking at the negatives, we celebrated her time with us. Miss Pyman has been a wonderful and reliable gap, helping day-in-day-out look after the boarders. Thank you, Miss Pyman, you will be missed. We wish you all the best back in Australia.

On behalf of the boarding team, we wish you a relaxing and restful half term break and are looking forward to welcoming back at the start of November.



Mr Baurance

Head of Boarding

15 October 2021
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