The CALM Challenge

Mrs. Lake-Johns spent two days adventuring and more importantly, surviving recently as she and her team took part in a fund raising weekend for CALM.

With assault courses, shelter building, crate stacking and many more activities all packed into forty eight hours, the participants were certainly put through their paces in the Forest of Dene. Twelve neurologically damaged participants and an army of trainers, medics and support staff found ingenious ways to enable every member of each team to complete all the challenges and in doing so, to raise a fabulous total of £22,000.

This will contribute to the CALM charity which exists to provide a child sized physiotherapy machine and cover the running costs to enable free treatment for any children in need of it. There will no doubt be future adventures all in aid of CALM but for now, Mrs. L-J is hobbling around the school and having a little rest.

13 September 2018
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