Star Boarders, Go Ape and Bowling!

⭐️ Star Boarders

Congratulations to Gabriel and Eduardo (Year 7) who are this week’s Star Boarders.

Eduardo started at ECS last September in Year 7 and both him and wanted to give boarding a go. It is November and they now board at least once a week and sometimes more. They love boarding because it gives them an opportunity to spend even more time with their friends and they enjoy taking part in all the activities on offer. They are always well behaved and enthusiastic. Their attitude to boarding is consistently positive. It is a bit harder to be Star Boarder of the week when one only boards once a week but we thought Eduardo and Gabriel deserved to be rewarded for their excellent start as boarders.

This week, our boarders had another busy week. On Monday, they had a gingerbread house competition. A few of the houses collapsed but this didn’t take away from them tasting delicious. The winners were Margot (Year 7) and Eliza (Year 5). They built a lovely, and very tasty, house together.


🙌 Adventure Saturday

Two weekends ago, for our Adventure Saturday, the boarders went to Haldon Forest for a ‘Go Ape’ trip. They enjoyed the Tree Top Adventure immensely. Then, this weekend, they played bowling – another very fun time together.


Best wishes,

Mr Baurance
Head of Languages and Head of Boarding
Exeter Cathedral School

15 November 2021
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