Staff FlamingoPhysio

Staff FlamingoPhysio

CS staff felt rejuvenated and ready to go after the Trinity Term INSET session with Cara Simpson from Flamingo Physio.

As an experienced NHS physiotherapist, Cara has seen the negative effects of poor posture and movement. Sharing a few simple movements and techniques, Cara showed the staff how they could avoid common muscle aches and back pain. Here are a few ideas for you to try at home:

  1. Stand on one leg for a few minutes to give your back and buttocks a good stretch.
  2. When seated, roll your hips from side-to-side to exercise your lower back.
  3. Don’t always look down at your phone but bring it up, so that it’s level with your face. This will prevent you from craning your neck.

Cara was keen to share the importance of movement awareness in the workplace and how it may help to prevent future injury. So – if you see a member of staff standing on one leg – you’ll now know why.

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25 April 2018
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