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A change of term means a change of sports! Students were working hard this week to get ready for the first fixtures of the term.

In the newsletter before Easter I finished with the line ‘I look forward to a sunny term of summer sports’, well I have to be honest I wasn’t expecting the sunshine we have enjoyed this week (we will forget about Tuesday!). Unfortunately the winter weather has taken its toll on the County ground which still needs a few more days of sunny weather to be playable. This did however mean that the boys were able to use the nets at both the county ground and the university to start getting into the rhythm of bowling and thinking about shot selection when batting. The girls were able to use the astro at the university and begin to work on their fielding and batting ready for fixtures.

Fingers crossed the warm snap lasts into next week and I can bring you some match reports!

Mr James Kelly


20 April 2018
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