Sport Relief!

 A huge well done to all students who took part in the sport relief challenge this week, it was great to see so many red accessories, and children working so hard! On Thursday Yr3, 4 and 5 completed their challenges which was to complete as many press ups, star jumps, squats, burpees and side to side jump. All the children worked so hard and there were some great displays of grit and determination. On Friday it was the turn of the Year 6, 7 and 8s who really got stuck in and worked hard to try and beat the other forms. I will add up the scores over the weekend, do some complicated sums to make sure everything is fair, and announce the results in morning worship on Monday.

A special thank you to Thomas L, Samuel W, Samuel A, Ben C and Charlie B who all helped with the lower years challenges.

Mr James Kelly
Sports Teacher

23 March 2018
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