Seaton Jurassic

Yr 5 Trip to Seaton Jurassic. 23rd April 2018

Yr 5 spent a fabulous day at Seaton Jurassic and learnt all about fossil formation, fossil discoveries and famous Palaeontologists such as Mary Anning. Having cuddled the skulls of multiple animals, they searched for items to fossilise and spent the afternoon exploring the hands on exhibits in the visitor centre.

It was a fun filled day with fast paced activities that every pupil could enjoy and we look forward to a repeat visit next year.

“Our trip was really fun and cool, there were lots of things jumping out to surprise us”. “All the books had funny titles”. “We made our own fossils”. “We saw Dippy the Diplodocus’s skull”. (Poppy, Archie, Harry and Amy)

Mrs Catherine Lake-Johns
Form Tutor 5LJ

27 April 2018
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