Roman Day at Tiverton Museum

On Monday 26th November Year 4 went back in time to find out about life in Roman Britain.

The workshop was divided into four parts. One volunteer explained about the archaeological findings of a Roman Fort at Bolham, near Tiverton in the 1970’s. The children had a chance to foray into a sand pit to uncover some artefacts. There was a display of replica armour available to try on; goodness it was heavy! A Roman legionary would have marched carrying a heavy back-pack with his food supplies and all his belongings.

In the Roman school we practised Roman Numerals and wrote on wax tablets with a stylus. Girls would stay at home learning how to run a household. Contrary to popular assumption, in Ancient Roman times, they did not eat pasta, or pizza, and there were no tomatoes in Britain. However, a variety of herbs were used in cooking. Studying replicas made it possible to identify Roman cooking utensils, such as a pottery funnel and a jug for Balsamic vinegar. The children said that it was an “amazing”, “terrific” and “cool” day out!

Sarah Butler Evans

7 December 2018
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