Reception Maths Curriculum evening

Mrs Bowles and the Reception team were delighted to welcome many families, along with Mrs Stallard (Head of Maths) and Mr Featherstone to our first Maths curriculum evening.

The evening began with Mrs Bowles outlining the EYFS maths curriculum and the end of year expectations (Early learning goals). She also looked at the Busy Ant Maths Scheme which is used throughout school up to Year 6. The key message was that maths is all around us and the importance of the children being able to relate their learning to real life. Another key message was that Maths is FUN and everyone can be a mathematician.

To this end Mrs Patterson shared the daily routines from Reception which are full of mathematical learning. We met ‘Mrs Countalot’ who showed us how her job starts at 9 o’clock when the alarm clock goes off. She then counts everyone at school, sorts the calendar and records our number of the day. Next came the ‘BIG COUNT’ looking at how we introduce the hundred square into Reception.

Mrs Tamblyn then moved us in to her room that was full of mathematical activities, games and books to explore. The evening concluded with a question and answer session and then everyone collected ideas to take home to help support their children’s maths learning.

Thank you to everyone who came along and joined in. This is what we anticipate to be the first of many curriculum evenings which we are planning as a way of keeping parents informed and involved in their child’s learning.

Mrs Bowles
Head of Pre-Prep




19 April 2018
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