Reception Classes ‘Big Count’

The Big Count

 Numbers are all around us and we use them everyday. It is important that children develop an awareness of numbers and become confident to use and talk about different numbers and relate them to their experiences. Counting is one of the prerequisites for later more complex mathematical concepts.

In Reception we do THE BIG COUNT everyday. We use a hundred square, some crazy actions and have lots of fun.

0 – 10 – we use our fingers

11 – 20 – our knees

21 – 30 – shoulders

31 – 40 – tap our head

41 – 50 – clapping

51 – 60 – swing

61 – 70 – hand to knee

71 – 80 – elbows

81 – 90 – tap our nose

91 – 100 – hands up

Along the way we stop at different numbers that are significant to us and are different everyday. An example of the numbers we might stop at and talk about are – the date, how many people at school today, Mrs Bowles’ sons age (he is a teenager and we are talking about teen numbers), Barbara who is 98 and in 2 years time will be 100 …….. and so it goes on, the list is endless!

Counting in Reception is fun – come and join us (but remember to bring a special number with you).

Mrs Patterson
Reception Class Teacher





9 March 2018
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