Prom, tie-dying and a concert for our boarders!

Every week is busy at school and especially in the Boarding House since pupils of Exeter Cathedral School have so many opportunities to get involved and take part in an impressive amount of activities. This week was no different. If anything, it was even busier than the previous ones.


🎉 Prom & the Big Boarding Sleepover

If we just focus on Wednesday, it was the Year 7 and 8 prom followed by a Big Boarding Sleepover for those who wanted to stay in the Boarding House after the party. We opened the Boarding House early to allow Year 7 and 8 to get ready. The whole boarding team was on deck, making sure makeup was on, hair was done and ties and bowties properly adjusted. We were extremely lucky to have the prom in the beautiful venue of Hayne, located near Crediton, with breath-taking views, delicious food and great choices of music. All the children had a fantastic time. We had 23 pupils boarding on Wednesday night, including 20 prom goers. They all behaved perfectly well and were very respectful of our younger boarders who were already asleep. We even managed to have showers and go to bed without waking them up. That is quite an achievement! Well done, everyone. A special thanks to Ms Baxendale who stayed up late and waited for us to come back.

prom-2022 boarders


👕 Tie dying with Ms Baxendale

Earlier in the week Ms Baxendale gave tie dying another go and this time it worked beautifully. The children were delighted to get their new t-shirts on Tuesday evening.



🎸 Jazz and Rock Evening

On Thursday, many boarders were part of what turned out to be a sensational concert at the Phoenix. Well done to all involved.

Because this week was special in many ways, and because all our lovely boarders have dealt with everything with calm, enthusiasm, positive attitude and maturity, we have decided that all the boarders were Star Boarders of the week.

Well done, everyone! 😊



I hope you have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Baurance
Head of Boarding

11 July 2022
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