Pre-Prep Pentecost Service

On Wednesday the whole of Pre-Prep, from Nursery to Year 2, gathered together in the Quire of Exeter Cathedral to learn about and celebrate Pentecost. (Pentecost actually falls on the 20th May, so our celebrations were early, but very enjoyable!).

The children had an opportunity to sing some of the worship songs they had been busy learning, and listened to Canon Morter and Mrs Fitzpatrick explain what happened at the Ascension (when Jesus went back into heaven) and Pentecost.

The children were then able to watch a re-telling of the story of Pentecost, told through a Lego movie, and learnt that after Jesus went back into heaven, God sent the Holy Spirit down to the disciples. The Holy Spirit gave the disciples the gift of speaking different languages, so that they were able to travel across the globe to tell others about God.

The service concluded with the children choosing their own topics to pray about, which included thanking God for our families, and our teachers who help us learn new languages.

It was so great to see the children so engaged in the story of Pentecost, and they behaved beautifully throughout their time in the Cathedral. It was also lovely to welcome some of our Pre-Prep parents who joined us in worship. If you have a child in Nursery or Reception, then you are welcome to join us for the Service of Reflection on the 6th June, 10.00am in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral. Our next whole school service is the Speech Day and Prize Giving service on 12th July in the Cathedral.


4 May 2018
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