Pre-Prep Outdoor Learning

Spending time outdoors connecting with nature is hugely important for children’s personal, social and emotional development, their physical development and indeed for their holistic wellbeing. It is for this reason that we have built a daily outdoor learning slot into the timetable for all the children in the Pre-Prep to participate in. We are recommending that you might like to do this at the end of each morning but you will find the time that suits you, your family routines and work commitments best.

Every Friday (by 4pm) we will upload a set of Outdoor Learning challenges/activities for the following week. This will give you, as parents, time to look at them and plan them into your week ahead. Each activity can be as simple or as challenging as you (or your child!) wish and they have all been designed to cater for children across the age range so that siblings can work on activities together. Feel free to pick and choose which activity you do each day, there is no need to do them in order, or indeed to complete them all – your child may well have ideas of their own too.

We would love to hear how you get on, so if you would like to, then please do share photos or a few words about your Outdoor Learning with your child’s teachers via Teams (or alternatively Tapestry for Reception and Nursery classes). We’ve seen some incredible work so far, please continue to  share your pictures with us.

As the weather improves, let’s make the most of the opportunities to be outside to investigate, to question, to explore and to just ‘be’.

23 April 2020
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