Pi Day!

What was special about yesterday? Yes – you got it 3.14 Pi day!

All the pupils in Year 5-8 had a short talk on Pi and then did Pi based activities during their Maths lessons. Year 5 made Pi Sky, Year 6 learned about the parts of a circle, Year 7 calculated Pi by measuring circles and there were a few  groups that got Circumference/Diameter as 3.15 which is pretty good measuring! Year 8 were challenged to find out whether it was better to buy 1 large ‘Pi’, 4 medium ones or 16 small ones all that fitted in a 100cm2 box. They were rather surprised by the answer and in the end it came down to the difference between who liked pastry or filling!

Pi day is always one to be remembered at ECS, not just because Oscar can recite it to 30 decimal places or that Hector will now always be remembered as Hector the Sector, but mostly because they all enjoy eating their sectors of Pi (e)! A few pupils this year were tempted by a segment, but in the end they felt it would be a bit too much pastry!

15 March 2019
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