Physical Wellbeing

In Engagement, Health and Wellbeing lessons, the pupils have been preparing for their Virtual Sports Day on Wednesday 1st July. They have been making bunting, posters and even some medals for the participants. The excitement is building and on the Year 3 ‘talk space’ today they were thinking of ways in which they could make their own Sports Day at home extra special.

The Physical Wellbeing lessons have been really enjoyable this week from my perspective. I have witnessed pupils race online as soon as the clock turns 9am in order to lead the warm up. That was the rule, first on gets the job, unless they have done it before – obviously! We did a lot of working out to music which seemed to entertain Year 6 on-site who were more focused on their dance moves than actually holding a plank position, but as long as they were physically active, how could I mind?

A big thank you to my superstar warm up leaders, Gabriel F, Xanthe S, Ellie May B and Seren L. It was a real treat to have you prepare us for exercise live online.

A big thank you for all of the photos and videos. It is so lovely to see what the pupils have been up to outside of school.

On Wednesday 1st July, we are having a complete screen-free day and the hope is that we will be able to create our own family Sports Day at home. The Sports Day Pack has been emailed to all parents/guardians and I look forward to seeing how you create lovely memories with your loved ones.

Best wishes,

Mrs Ross

25 June 2020
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