Pee, Poo and Paper!

This pretty much summed up the morning at the Sewage Works Countess Wear on Monday.

Gail, Lucy and Richard took Yr 6 around the waste water processing plant and explained how the three sciences each contributed to the separation of organic and non-organic substances. Rauri was delighted to have his godfather Richard, conducting the tours as both had waited a full twelve months for Rauri to grow into Year 6 and investigate the contents of Exeter’s sewers together! The pupils carried out a walking experiment whilst visiting; vigorously shaking bottles of water containing lavatory paper, blue hand towels, wet wipes and cotton buds. After two hours of serious agitation, only the lavatory paper had broken down- clearly demonstrating why the motto of South West Water is:

Pee, Poo and Paper only Please!!

19 October 2018
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