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Harry Potter ‘Book Night’ Events
Last week there were quizzes and games in the Chantry Library. Well done to the wizards and witches who took part in the Triwizard Tournament and/or the Quidditch competition.

The Magic Book Group
The Magic Book Group is a drop-in lunchtime session held every Monday for Years 3 and 4. Each week there is different book related theme.
In previous weeks the children have taken part in several activities: posted Flat Stanley on an adventure destination, speed dated books, pinned the heart on the Grinch, made Lorax bookmarks, discovered that the Paddington Bear stories are not just films, and explored the Legend of the Chinese Zodiac.

Recently the group has enjoyed the following:
Alice in Wonderland
The children listened to a picture book adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and were shown unabridged and pop-up editions currently available in the library. After a short character quiz, they made playing card figures and took part in a Mad Hatter photo shoot.

Harry Potter
The group examined an illustrated copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. After a short quiz, they produced some rather lovely Hedwigs – we have nineteen in the library!

Love is in the air!
And finally, this week, the children chose books they have read and would recommend to others. They have made a lovely display.

14 February 2020
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