New Staff

ECS is delighted to welcome our new receptionist!  Susan has written a few words about herself below. You’ll find Susan at the Chantry – do say ‘hello’ when you meet her and let her know who you are.


Hello everyone,

My name is Mrs Kelly and I am the new receptionist, so I will be behind my desk every day, ready to welcome everyone to the school.

I live in Exeter, so I do not have to travel very far, which is really good!

My very favourite thing to do is read and I like nothing better than to curl up with a cup of tea with a good book. I especially enjoy reading travel books and mysteries, where I have to work out before the end who ‘did it’!

I have one son, Lewis, who is working in London but he does come to visit quite often for a weekend, so I do not miss him too much!

I am trying really hard to remember names and faces so I may have to ask you who you are for a while.

Mrs Susan Kelly

6 March 2020
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