National Primary Mathematics Challenge

Pupils in Year 5 & 6 took part in the National Primary Mathematics Challenge last week. The questions were particularly challenging this year and with only 45 minutes to answer 25 questions they have to work really hard!

Well done to the following children who were awarded certificates:

Gold: Emily P, Eve L and Harry C

Silver: Fearne R, Freddie W, Archie S, Jonny G and Dominic M

Bronze: Lucy M, Ganesh S, Sabina DG and Michael J

A special mention goes to everyone who took part and persevered to answer as many questions as they could, even if they found them challenging! This is the type of question they were faced with. How long does it take you to solve it?

On a ferry the total number cars, bikes and lorries is an even number and less than 100. The number of cars is one third more than the number of bikes. The number of bikes is one quarter more than the number of lorries. How many cars, bikes and lorries are there on the ferry?

30 November 2018
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