National Poetry Day

Thursday 3rd October marked National Poetry Day. The theme this year is Truth. All children from Reception to Year 8 have been invited to enter a poem in a school competition. Below you will find some of winning poems which challenge the reader to reflect upon truth. EC.


The Truth by Maddie R – Year 8 (Winner)

When we were little,

Our realities were false.

Tiny lies were told to us,

We believed them in our hearts.

Watching in the night,

For a man upon a sleigh.

And the wings of a small fairy,

Who took our teeth away.

Looking in the wardrobes,

For amazing other worlds.

Or rabbits in the garden,

Hiding eggs with chocolate whirls.

Whispers, whispers in the dark,

We slowly found out Truth.

And when we found out it shocked us,

We thought it was uncouth.

Did it break our hearts,

When we found out the Truth?

Our imaginations, too far gone,

For us to even care …

So what’s the point of wishing,

If our wishes are not there?


The Truth and the Lies by Isaac M – Year 8

My father said to me once,

‘Always tell the truth.’

I admired and respected him,

Adhered to his advice so

Closely. But when you try not

To lie, you often fail, as I did.

You may say that telling the truth

Is easy, natural as well.

But how many times have you lied?

Many, I would guess. To tell a lie is

Almost compulsory, a rule to which

We follow without knowing.

What would our world be without

Lies, deceit, cheating? A paradise

Surely? But lying, to our sub-conscience,

Seems reasonable; a way to save ourselves

From punishments and disaster.

A way to keep our relationships.

What is truth anyway? How can we

Perceive it? Is lying naturally in its

Own way the truth? How can we say for

Sure what is true and what isn’t?

And how do you know I haven’t

Lied in this poem?


Truth Anna E – Year 6

Truth is the heart of a word.

Truth is the fire that blazes in the darkroom of lies.

Truth takes the story and makes it reality.

In many words truth is mortal and lies are a fantasy.

But the truth is always true.


Truth by Eve L – Year 6

Truth is the tears flooding from your heart when you are despair

It is risk taking, heartbreaking and star-making

It is the scrawls in your diary

It is that show-stopping moment when the thing you have dreamed about,

comes true

It is the blue blood running through no-one’s veins

It is the possibility to scribe the universe.

It is the echo of ignorance in a life of light

It is death

It is the garden of Eden, at Mulu caves

It is when a refugee arrives at your home, and turns it into theirs

It is the opposite yet the same

It is the Zephyr

It is written in your eyes.

4 October 2019
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