National Poetry Day

ECS was a hive an literary activity on National Poetry Day, with poems were being recited in the Library’s Open Mic event during break and lunch to pupil from across the year groups creatively composing their own poems on the theme of ‘Change’.


A selection of notable poems can be found below:

The Changing Fire
by Anna E

No one knows where it comes from.

No one has seen or heard it.

But I know a dragon makes it, sees it and hears it.
The roar is like a wave smashing the rocks of the cliff.
The sight is like all of the wonderful dances put together.
I hide it and keep it to myself to make sure it’s not
taken. I, myself, can only have the changing fire.

From purple to blue it turns then from blue to flaming
orange it whisks. But no one can take my changing fire.

Changes In Time
by Matilda R

Time changes all the time,
There’s not one time when one thing or one person is doing the same thing,
In the darksome night when the owls hoot and the stars blast their light,
It changes the night every second,
Time is a mystery yet to be revealed,
It can work in your favour, or against you,
There is nothing you can do to stop the clocks ticking,
Whether you live it or not time is there, time is yours,
If you want it,
Be careful time does not stop.

by Jack A

A change is like a miniature seed changing into a
yew tree in a graveyard.
A baby into an adult.
From a living being into a dead body.
Everything changes small to big.
Big to bigger.
The moon changes: shades of the moon going from a full moon
To a little crease.
You change from a living organism into a ghost
which haunts the forest up and down the road.

by James M-C
I’ve seen blossoms in winter that’s odd I know
At the end of the day I will kneel and pray thank you Lord for what I have seen today
The next day,
Oh there’s the Year 6 turning into Year 7
The Year 5 into Year 6
Everyone is growing up.

The next day,
Oh there’s Mr P oh hold on, that was Nat, but no it cannot be,
Nat, oh my word, how much has his voice changed I cannot

The next day,

My heart’s cracked the breakings and makings how sad.
At the end of the day,
I will kneel and pray
Thank you Lord for my work and play.

12 October 2018
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