National Marine Aquarium!

On Tuesday, Reception went on a school trip to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

We saw all manner of animals, including crabs, anemones, seahorses, urchins, starfish, sharks, and even a turtle. We were also lucky enough to see that most elusive of creatures, a Mermaid! Marina the Mermaid introduced us to her friends (a turtle, an octopus and a starfish), and told us all about them, explaining everything from the way sharks camouflage themselves in the water using countershading, to the fact that an octopus has 3 hearts!

She also read us a story and taught us a song. An added highlight to our trip was seeing a large wild seal sunbathing on the rocks just outside the aquarium – an exciting end to a fun packed day.

Mrs Claire Tamblyn
Reception Teacher

21 June 2018
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