Mrs Reddington and the pupils of the (almost) round table

As part of our book study of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Marcia Williams, Year 3 have entered Camelot this week.

We have examined the idea of the round table and its lasting impact on our culture and British Values. We then decided upon rules for a round table debate and Zhi even made his own gavel! We debated whether celebrities should write children’s books and whether children should have their screen time limited.

For each debate there were strong opinions on both sides, but views were expressed with appropriate civility and respect. You may be interested to learn that in the final votes, Year 3 decided that celebrities should write children’s books and, perhaps surprisingly, children should have limits on screen time.

Well done Year 3, all done without Zhi having to use his gavel once!

Round Table

Sarah Reddington
Head of Lower Years and Designated Safeguarding Lead

10 May 2018
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